Strategically Think
Cleverly Plan
Dynamically Play
Successfully Win


The BackStory:

Making a game out of every challenge, wholly believing in the importance of teamwork, fulfilling our passion for creating new success stories and milestones, and having over 25 years of expertise, we— the PlayMKRS — are among the pioneers in the creative advertising field.

Located in Riyadh, Dubai, Cairo and Canada, PlayMKRS is a full-fledged advertising and digital media agency that fuses the great value of creative work and the power of performance marketing methods to produce promising outcomes for clientele.

Aiming to always win the game of marketing, we start with intensively studying and analyzing each case, in order to come up with useful solutions.

Having the know-how of strategically building and developing a brand, our brand strategy and business development teams go beyond the miles by meticulously researching the market and all types of consumers’ behaviors. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each brand, they come up with outstanding solutions, tailored for every challenge.

Afterwards, our magnificent team of creatives and artists kicks off with the implementation of strategic plans, and seamlessly transforms them into masterpieces.

Last but not least, our powerful performance marketing team finalizes the processes perfectly. Carefully studying and analyzing your previous ad campaigns, our team of performance marketers and media buyers optimize each and every digital ad to maintain or increase your campaigns’ growth, and therefore increase your revenue.

Throughout the whole framework of ours, overseen by our proficient team of account managers and business developers, harmonious teamwork plays a great and highly contributes to our main vision.

At PlayMKRS, we always aim to welcome every team player at heart, to ensure the best quality of work for all our clientele.

The Creative Team

Real unique creative ideas not easy.
Amazing creative agency to work with

Fahd Ghalib

The Strategy Team

Strategically thinker team, is not easy to find agency know the brand and competitors, thanks.

Sultan Rauf

The Content Team

17. April 2020

Original content agency, fresh ideas
Thanks best team

Jailan Fakeih

The Community Management Team

The Community Management Team was very professional, amazing response

Layan Hecham

The Performance Marketing & Media Planning Team

Media plan made very professional and results was beyond expectations

Mohammed Al Nashwan

The Account Management & Business Development Team

Briefing done professionally, adorable follow up, always meet deadline.

Dana Farouk