Our success story started in 2002 with a strong background in advertising,  by starting our first BTL agency in Egypt, and in 2011 we start our first digital agency which was one of the few agencies specialized in digital in  Egypt, in 2015 we started our creative in digital and ATL agencies in  Egypt, also in 2016 we start to expand in Canada, then in 2018 we started our branch in Kuwait, Last but not least in 2022, we started to expand in Saudi Arabia.

We’re specialized in creating a strategic plan and executing it effectively as we handle everything from scratch, starting from branding to implementing creative campaigns and digital marketing that enhance the promotion of your brand. The concept of PMKRS cloud agency is based on delivering clients with unreachable calibers and team members!

Starting from raising brand awareness to positioning it using strategic plans, that are executed effectively by a dedicated team.

A team that happens to be one of the brightest minds whose thoughts and ideas are directed by the experts to meet our client’s expectations.

Using both online and offline platforms (360 advertising) to enable maximum reach for our client’s target audience and ensure brand loyalty.